December 17

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You need to make efforts for writing good term paper. The term paper helps to perfect knowledge and skills of students. Students can learn to express their own point of view on a certain issue. You should remember about structure of term paper. It consists of a title page, an introductory part, a main part, a conclusion and the additions. The introduction is a start of your work. You need to demonstrate a subject, object, aim and tasks of your future research in this part. The main part of term paper consists of chapters and subdivisions. They should be logically linked among themselves. You can use different interesting pictures, charts, tables and diagrams. It help you to make your term paper more saturated and interesting. You need to pick up the information from various sources. It can be fiction books, modern magazines and newspapers, bibliographic references, reference books, scientific publications, textbooks, the Internet materials, etc. You also must remember that each term paper must include a research. You can use such methods in your research as the experiment, observation, questioning, conversation or interview, etc. In conclusion, you need to write in short form about the main results of your research and generalize all used materials. Term papers must be done in accordance with the requirements of state standart.

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