December 17

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Students must learn independently to apply the knowledge gained in the process of learning the discipline during the writing of term paper and learn to solve practical problems, and also analyze, summarize and systematize scientific and fiction literature. They should be able to conduct research on the theoretical and practical problems. Writing a term paper contributes to the development of skills of independent creative thinking in students and mastery of the methods of modern scientific research. It promotes in-depth study of a given topic. Before you start to write your term paper, you must understand the structure of the work and think about its topic. The topic of your term paper must be developed by teachers according to the main content of the discipline and approved at a meeting of the department. But sometimes you can come up with your own topic and coordinate it with your teacher. In the term paper you need to prepare for one or two questions, the answers on which should be interdependent and deeply proved. Writing term papers includes the study of literature and the sources of information. You can use the reference books, textbooks, magazines and newspapers, fiction books, encyclopedias, scientific publications and articles, and many others. In the course of writing a term paper for students, you need to draw attention to new actual ideas that expressed in modern scientific literature and other sources. They need to lay out an independent vision of the research problem and formulate proposals and recommendations for its solution.

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