December 17

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Firstly, you need to know your topic in your supervisor. Sometimes he can say that you can choose topic independently. In this case, you need to think carefully, because from your topic depends your future evaluation. You need to remember that your term paper executes under the supervision of your teacher. You should coordinate with him the plan of your term paper and the schedule of writing a term paper. You must specify main stages and a timetable for its accomplishment and the list of used sources. You also need to determine the time when you must pass your work for your supervisor. A basis of preparation of course work consists of the textbooks and manuals from the certain discipline, the scientific publications from the investigated problem,and also the articles, research reports, materials which are collected by students during various practices. For quick selection of appropriate sources of information you can use the references that are recommended by the program of discipline and the plans seminars or practical lessons on relevant topics. The term paper usually includes a title page, contents, introduction, main part, consisting of two or three chapters, conclusion, list of sources and applications. In the introduction, you should clearly state the essence of your work and justify the relevance of the chosen topic and its practical significance. The main part of the course work must discover the essence of the considered issues and the modern approaches to their solution. Also, you can use the algorithms, graphs, tables and charts in this part of the work. In conclusion, you should briefly formulate the basic obtained information and show how you can use this material in the future.

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