December 17

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The term papers consists of such components as a title page, an introduction, a main part, a conclusion, a list of references and additions. The term paper must be written in conformity with state standard. You also need to show the actuality of chosen problem in the introduction. You must show the subject, object, purpose and tasks of your term paper. The text of the main part of the term paper is divided into sections, subsections, paragraphs and subparagraphs. The main part of your term paper must include the theoretical and practical parts. You need to open the essence the main terms and ideas in the theoretical part. You can make the analysis and comparison of existing points of view of scientists on the occasion of your topic. You can use such sources of information as reference books, encyclopedias, textbooks, journals and newspapers, articles and publications, materials from the Internet, video and audio records, educational and documentary films and so on. In practical part you can write about your research. This part must contain the description and analysis of your research work. The conclusions must include the main generalization of the practical and theoretical parts of your term paper, and give the answer for tasks of your work. The list of references should be compiled in alphabetical order in accordance with the general requirements. You can use the illustrations or tables, pictures, formulas, calculations, charts in your additions.

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